What services are provided by doctors?

Only Non-emergency outpatient medical services are provided through this program (for example, On-going care for diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid deficiency, Arthritis, acidity, etc.)

Are there any limitations for preexisting conditions?


How much will I pay for each visit to a doctor?

$25 for each primary care visit.
$35 for each specialist consultation. 

Is pregnancy care provided?


Is CCN NJ a type of health insurance?

No. CCN NJ does not pay for any of your healthcare expenses. CCN NJ simply provides you with access to reduced cost non-emergency health care services.

Why CCN NJ charges membership fee and how it will be used?

The membership fee is to cover the administrative costs of maintaining the CCN NJ network and services.

What do I do if I have an emergency?

CCN NJ DOES NOT cover any emergency services. We recommend you go to the Emergency Room at the nearest hospital. CCN NJ network physician is not expected to provide care for you in emergencies.

What are the costs for X-rays and labs?

If you use the providers in the CCN NJ network you will pay the discounted fee negotiated by CCN NJ to obtain substantial savings. If you need these services please call us first.

How about Prescription drugs?

You will need to purchase Prescription drugs separately. We recommend choosing a $4.00 month generic drug program from Wal-Mart, Target, and Kmart pharmacies.

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